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Short-Term Recovery Help? Ask Home Instead of Hattiesburg, MS

Mom can go home from the hospital, the doctors said, but they’re concerned about a quick return to the medical facility because she has COPD and lives alone. Something’s got to change in the 82-year-old widow’s routine, her daughter and son agreed.

Their mom, Linda, battles with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) despite giving up cigarettes about 30 years ago. COPD is one of the most common of lung diseases, impacting the ability to breathe.

short-term-recovery-hospital-visitLinda’s daughter and son looked at each other after talking with a doctor and hospital caseworker and wondered, “What are we going to do? We live over 100 miles away from Hattiesburg. Showing up on weekends to help her won’t be good enough to keep her out of the hospital.”

Her daughter and son then learned it would be possible for their mom to live at home if she would:

  • Walk a little every day to build up her strength,
  • Avoid very cold air,
  • Stay inside on rainy, wet days,
  • Stop using her wood fireplace,
  • Consistently take her medication,
  • Have help with grocery shopping,
  • Eat a healthy diet,
  • Have transportation for doctor’s appointments.

As her daughter and son talked about their situation later that day with a group of friends, one mentioned that he had hired a CAREGiverSM from the Home Instead Senior Care® franchise to help his father after he had returned from the hospital. Since there was a chance that the friend’s dad would be placed in an independent/assisted care facility for a short time before heading home, the Home Instead team also was ready to send a CAREGiver to help him in assisted living, if needed. But with the CAREGiver’s help, the senior went straight home and stayed there. In fact, the CAREGiver had worked out so well that they retained her for continued help after the initial recovery was complete.

Linda’s daughter and son realized their mom’s situation called for the use of an experienced senior-care aide, exactly what the Hattiesburg Home Instead Senior Care franchise provided for their friend’s dad. As a result of their friend’s insight, they chose Home Instead Senior Care Hattiesburg, MS to help their mom transition safely home through the network’s Returning HomeSM Program. A CAREGiver was the perfect answer.

Here’s how Home Instead Senior Care Hattiesburg, MS CAREGiver could help:

Nutrition management: Since diet can play a big role in recovery, a CAREGiver can help with grocery shopping and meal preparation. Preparing healthy meals offers opportunities to interact as well as a chance to observe and record the client’s food intake.

Medication reminders: A CAREGiver can pick up prescriptions and refills, and oversee medication reminders to help reduce the risk of a medication mishap. A CAREGiver also could make note of any reactions or side effects so they could be addressed during a doctor’s appointment or, if needed, alert the doctor immediately.

Exercise and activity: Senior loved ones often are urged to maintain a daily regime of simple at-home activity or walking. A CAREGiver can remind and encourage a client to stay on schedule with exercise. Increasing stamina is especially important for those who suffer from COPD.

Household support: COPD may make an older adult weak. Light housekeeping and assistance with bathing, dressing and toileting are other services that may be available. A CAREGiver also can help a COPD sufferer avoid problematic air-quality situations. Those include not going outside during smoggy or very cold days, maintaining the house’s furnace settings to discourage the senior’s use of a fireplace or wood-burning stove, and gently reminding visitors not to smoke.

Help alleviate excessive emotional stress or depression: It’s not uncommon for a senior to become anxious or depressed after returning from the hospital. A CAREGiver’s companionship may help, and a CAREGiver can alert family members or the client’s doctor if signs of depression occur.

Keeping records: Many seniors will be required to keep a medical diary that can be shown to a health care provider. A CAREGiver can be instrumental in helping a senior track important measurables and consistency of exercising.

Doctor’s appointments: Follow-up visits to doctors are often required to keep track of COPD symptoms and the client’s progress. A CAREGiver can track scheduled appointments, prepare a client for the trip and provide transportation to wherever the senior needs to go.

For more information, contact Home Instead Senior Care Hattiesburg, MS at 601-261-2114 or visit http://www.homeinstead.com/603/SERVICES/Pages/ShortTermRecoveryServices.aspx.


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