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Celebrate Father’s Day all Year Long in Hattiesburg, MS

June is when we celebrate Father’s Day, but Dads should be honored all year long.

What is the best way to do that, if your father needs help with home care, groceries, medications, getting to appointments, or someone to just check in with him?

Home Instead CAREGivers® of Hattiesburg provide in-home care services to help your Dad or Mom remain comfortably and safely in their home, while also giving you a break from their daily care.

7-DayInLifeCheck out these ideas for Dad: Home Care for Dad: Hattiesburg, MS

  • Talk about the old days. You’ll get Dad engaged and likely learn some great history, too.
  • Plan an afternoon together with scrapbooks, school annuals, and old cards and letters. A trip down memory lane might be perfect even for the dad who is getting forgetful.
  • Some dads just someone to read to them. What is his favorite to read: a Bible, a magazine or classic book?
  • Send a card for no reason. (Yes, you can send a card on Father’s Day, but why not send or drop off a surprise card or package once a month?).
  • Offer to take over scheduling doctor’s appointments. (That’s a hassle with which Dad likely would love help.)
  • Encourage the grandkids to call, write or email.
  • Plan a party with friends. Even if it’s not his birthday, your father might love a reunion with family, war buddies or business acquaintances.
  • Take “a victory lap” around his hometown if possible, checking out the old haunts.
  • Head to the ballpark, golf course, beach, lake or state park.
  • Pull out the card table and break out the decks, table games or puzzles.

Sometimes simple plans are the best: a good home-cooked meal, an hour on the porch or patio and then some ice cream and cake to top off the day.

If you can’t be there to provide companionship, consider a Home Instead CAREGiver. Some, like Cindy, become like family to their clients.

Cindy felt as if she had come to her second home when she arrived at her 84-year-old client’s house. “He treated me like his daughter. When I’d come in the door, he would say, ‘You’re finally home.’ Cindy said.

“I didn’t have a father figure,” the CAREGiver admitted, “but he really became one in such a short period of time. He provided such good emotional boost – I’ve never had anyone put so much support into me. Sometimes we don’t have enough faith in ourselves. I think he could sense that with me.”

At a time when the CAREGiver had just joined her Home Instead Senior Care franchise and had not been involved in senior care previously, her client kept reassuring her that she was doing a good job. It was a reassurance that was confirmed months later when Cindy was selected as her office’s CAREGiver of the Quarter.

If you are interested in becoming a CAREGIVER like Cindy: Become A CAREGiver

6-SaluteSeniorService1“He told me to hang with it and encouraged me to go on and better myself to become an even better CAREGiver through continuing education,” Cindy recalled. “He told me I could do anything, that he had so much faith in me. Because of the client, I learned a lot about myself. He pointed out things and brought out the best. He taught me so much.”

Like a daughter, Cindy was at the hospital with the client and his wife when he passed away. He asked for her to join his wife. “They didn’t want me to leave their sides,” the CAREGiver remembered. “It was a jolt for me; I stayed strong for his wife. Emotionally, I turned his death around to a healthy thing. I feel honored whenever I think about how much faith he had in me.”

Cindy and the client’s wife remember the good times when all three of them were together. Some of the best times for the client came when they’d watch old westerns late into the night. Cindy remembers her eyelids starting droop as the movie rolled on with gun battle after gun battle. “Cindy,” she’d hear, “you’re not sleeping are you?” The reply always was “Nope, I’m giving my eyes a break from all the violence. But I’m still listening!”

Relationships with dads or father figures come in many shapes and sizes. Happy Father’s Day and Year!

For more information, contact Home Instead Senior Care Hattiesburg, MS at 601-261-2114 or Ask us a question about Senior Home Care.


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