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40/70 Rule



If you have ever tried to have a conversation with a senior loved one about aging issues, then you know how difficult it can be. It my experience with Home Instead Senior Care, these conversations are almost always occurring in a moment of crisis. These stressful times are not when families should be discussing important topics such as living arrangements, financials, living wills, etc. Home Instead Senior Care is encouraging families to talk about these areas of aging earlier in life and work on a successful and practical, but most importantly, an agreeable plan for those later stages in life, that both parents and children can be at peace with.

Home Instead Senior Care recently revamped our 40/70 guides for families for just such times as previously mentioned. We are working everyday to improve family communications surrounding aging topics and trying to assist in the planning process by coming up with the harder questions and providing workable solutions so families are not having to face this daunting task alone.



The newest resources available for the 40/70 rule are the action plan for successful aging and the website.  The action plan for successful aging provides expert advice to help you and your loved ones start the necessary conversations about the future and put your plan into action. With the assistance of noted experts in aging, finances, health, end of life and communication, this resource will take the guesswork out of some of the issues that many families eventually face. Included are conversation tips and considerations for a variety of circumstances such as living alone, blended families, dementia and religious preferences – topics that so many families are dealing with in today’s world.

This and other resources can be downloaded and printed on the new 40/70 rule website at 4070talk.com. For more information about the 40/70 rule, please contact our local franchise office by phone at 601.261.2114, visit our website at http://www.homeinstead.com/603 or please clink on the link below to see an interview with Operations Manager, Keisha Kennedy, from WDAM midday on 8/28/14, discussing the 40/70 rule.

40/70 Rule.


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