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“To us, it’s personal” by Naomi Gillum, Administrative Assistant

Naomi n DD

CAREGiving for me began at a very early age. I feel that taking care of others is an innate trait that either a person has or does not. I began caring for my mother. I always tried to anticipate her needs. That carried over into caring for seniors in my church. I volunteered two summers at a nursing home in different areas and really enjoyed just being able to help others, even it was just brightening their day. I just always remember being around older individuals and it never bothered me as a child. I have always been an “old soul.”

In my 20’s my friend’s mother developed cancer and I helped to care for her. I was so happy I could do this because my friends wanted to remain her children and not have to fully take on the caregiving role. Because of all my experiences so far, I always knew that I wanted to work in healthcare.

           Naomi Training

I came from a military family so I decided that I would take my caring nature and interest in healthcare to the military and began a career as a medic. After months of extensive basic and medic training, I worked in the medic field with the Army for 5 years. While doing so, I took online classes, participated in combat lifesaving courses and other training, in order to continue building my healthcare knowledge and furthering my nurturing skills.

When my family moved to Mississippi and after my military career ended, I was eager to use my training to continue helping people in the healthcare field. I searched online for a job within my field of interest and stumbled upon Home Instead Senior Care. I applied and began working as a CAEGiver in January 2013. I worked with various clients, most of which were extremely difficult in either services needed or behavior. I completely fell in love with each of them and treated them as my own family. I felt like I was really making a difference in that position and I could truly see the impact of my daily assistance to my client’s lives.

                    Naomi 1

I was promoted to the office as Administrative Assistant in June 2013. While working in the office, I have found that I miss my clients terribly, but I feel that instead of helping a few, I can now help many. To me “To us, it’s personal” means that in my work to help hire and train the highest quality CAREGivers, I am looking for those who I would trust with my own family and with “my” clients…. Because, yes… our clients are all like our family and we want them to have the best care.

-Naomi Gillum, Administrative Assistant with Home Instead Senior Care Hattiesburg MS


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