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CAREGiver Celebration 2014








If there is one thing we love to do around here, it is dote on our wonderful, talented CAREGivers. They are not only the core of our business, but these individuals embody the spirit and exceptional service attitude we wish to present to our clients and people of our community. We had another opportunity to recognize our most recent CAREGivers of the month on September 27th for an evening of pampering (manicures and pedicures). We sent our invitations (below) to our CAREGivers, vaguely leaving out all the details for the evening. Much to their surprise, when they showed up at the office to carpool, they had no idea what was in store.

invitationUpon arrival at the nail salon, our CAREGivers still didn’t know what a treat we had in store for them. We presented them with CAREGiver of the Month sashes, personalized with their names and the month they were awarded “CAREGiver of the Month.” They were given flip flops (for pedicures) and presented with a table full of hors d’oeuvres. Of all our ladies present, only two had ever even had a pedicure or manicure before. These ladies are so involved in serving others and always making sure that other people are so happy that they often neglect themselves. This evening was all about our ladies feeling special, cared for, and treating them in a way they would normally overlook in their own lives.

There were so many smiles! Our CAREGivers were so happy to only be focused on the small luxury provided for them, they weren’t thinking about their daily struggles, their clients’ conditions, a client who may be sick or declining in overall health, husbands, children, etc… no, they got to be pampered women for the night! And in the end… we were the ones who were happiest. It turns out, making others smile and express gratitude makes you even happier and more thankful for all of life’s blessings. Each of our CAREGivers, trust me, is a true God-sent blessing! We are so appreciative of the difference these ladies make every day in the lives of our seniors!




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